My father was a woodworker and he taught me love of the well made work, of objects that withstand time and passed down from generation to generation. Here in Livigno i cultivate also my own passions:art and nature. Wood'n'art, the International Wood Sculpture Symposium, it is the way to share what I love.
... enthusiasm, passion, love for Art and for my village.
And so I'm very proud to organize Wood'n'Art, a wood sculpting symposyum, that become an appreciated event by either locals and tourists. Every year. A dream coming true: creating an art path in a wood open to all, where the Larix tree in the main character. The call is to enter an open-air art gallery, within a magical wood where the visitor can feel like a privileged guest, where scents, colors, stories, shapes and emotions show up highlighting their power ... Vania Cusini

wood’n’art  2016 EN

wood’n’art 2016 EN

wood'n'art en