It’s all about trust and allowing to get carried away…
I work with my instinct and energy, without asking myself if I do right or wrong in choosing a certain solution. I love unpredictable things, that happen by themselves and that allow to be transformed.

_MG_9480Vania Cusini (1975) lives and works in Livigno (Sondrio) where, in 2009, she opened her own art workshop

She studied restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Como and in 2008 she obtained her diploma at the Art therapy school in Lecco.

After graduating, she restored various mural paintings in churches around the lower and middle Valtellina region, whilst always keeping her interest and passion for other artistic forms such as paintings and sculptures alive.

She has always been fascinated by children and their world. She organises and leads expressive workshops in elementary and middle schools around the upper Valtellina region. She also manages art therapy courses for kids and adults.

Her preferred materials are wood, metal and recycled elements which she uses to create monumental artworks.

In 2015 she won the Russian Cup of Snow and Ice Zimniy Vernissage, organised by the Russian Ministry of Cultures and in 2011 she came first at the Livigno Art in Ice cup with her artwork “S-cultura ancora per quanto?” (“S-culture, for how much longer?”). She also won the first prize during the event Legno in Wood in Cantù (Italy, 2013) with a sculpture called “Infinite library”.


  • Personal exhibition
  • Vania participates in the International Symposium of wooden sculptures
  • Vania: artistic director at the third edition of Wood’n’Art
  • THE SHAPES OF DESIRE … “the body, food, sex and other contemporary obsessions”.  Collective exhibition
  • In Russia: Vania is the winner at the snow sculpture festival. Vania Cusini and her teammate Lidia Viganò conquer the first prize with the artwork “Storie italiane” (Italian Stories).   The theme of the 20th edition of the ‘Russian Cup of Snow and Ice Zimniy Vernissage’ in Perm was “My little Homeland”. The artists Vania Cusini and Lidia Viganò from Besana Brianza represented Italy: pages covered in snow, symbol for culture, history, art, science, desires, mysteries, wisdom and a little of Livigno.


Organic forms and talking signs

Vania works with a precise, resolute gesture, without a second thought. Her paintings and sculptures are powerful visions that represent bodies and indistinguishable organic forms emerging from the shadows. She plays a continuous symbolic game of opposites between innovation and tradition,…


A running lymph

If it is true that every artist becomes visible in her own artworks, in Vania’s creations I can see an ancient tree trunk through which runs a lymph: a trace of her heart that was brought into the material and…


Vania, chi è costei?

This is the person I share my bed with, I eat with, I talk to, I grow and live with. One of the things I like most about his work and artwork is his casual way of not being an…